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Permanent Resident Application/Renewal

1.Skilled Migration Scheme Under The EP Or S-Pass Scheme
This is the most common option where foreign individuals working in Singapore under the Employment Pass or S-Pass scheme can apply for permanent residence through the Professionals/Technical Personnel and Skilled Worker also known as the PTS scheme. It is the easiest and the best route to getting that much-coveted Singapore PR.

To qualify, you must be working in Singapore at the time of application. You must be a holder of either an Employment Pass, Entrepreneur Pass, Personalised Employment Pass or S-Pass. An essential document that needs to be submitted during application is a pay slip noting at least six months of salary. This acts as proof that you have lived and worked in Singapore for a minimum of six months before applying.

2.Singapore PR Scheme For Investors

The investment scheme known as the Global Investor Programme or GIP is also another way to apply for Singapore PR. Under this scheme, a person may apply for PR for themselves, as well as their family members by establishing a business with a minimum amount of $2.5 million or investing the same amount of money in a business in Singapore. At present, there are two options for investors to choose from:
Option A: $2.5 million investment in a new or startup business or expansion of an existing business operation.
Option B: $2.5 million in a GIP-approved fund.


Aside from investing the minimum amount required, there is also a must to meet minimum criteria such as an entrepreneurial background, a business proposal and investment plan, and a good business track record.

3.Family Sponsor Scheme: PR application for Spouse

Permanent residents who are married and have children are encouraged to apply PR for their spouse and children. However, it is important to consider that there is a requirement to send your sons to the National Service before applying PR for them. You also have the option to apply for PR for your aged parent if you are an existing Singapore PR.

4.Foreign Artistic Talent Programme

The country’s art scene has seen rapid growth in the last few years and in line with the country’s aim to be a regional hub for the arts, Singapore is opening its doors for foreign artistic talent who would like to obtain permanent residency. Individuals who have talents in music, dance, photography, theatre, film or literature, can apply through the Foreign Artistic Talent scheme.

To qualify for the scheme, you have to be a well-established artist in your home country and preferably with international prominence. You should also possess relevant training in your field of practice. It is also a necessity to have made important contributions to Singapore’s cultural and art scene with a proven track record of local engagements. You must also possess concrete plans when it comes to the involvement in the country’s art and cultural sectors.

5.Student Option

Another way to obtain Singapore PR is to apply if you are a student studying in Singapore. Foreign students may apply to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority or ICA. They must have resided for at least 2 years at the time of application, have passed a minimum of 1 national exam or are in the integrated program.


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