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Trademark Registration

To register your trade mark, it must:

  • be capable of being represented graphically

  • be capable of distinguishing your goods or services from others

  • be distinctive

  • not be descriptive of the goods or services, or customary in current language or established practices of the trade

  • not be confusingly similar to an existing trade mark on the register

Register your trade mark at the earliest opportunity. This is because if another similar or identical trade mark is filed earlier than yours, your trade mark application may face an objection.

If you have filed for the same trade mark in another country (which is either a member of the Paris Convention or the World Trade Organization) within 6 months and that application is the first filing, you may file for priority claim in your Singapore trade mark application. Should a similar mark be filed in Singapore by another party after your priority date (i.e. the date your application is first filed), your application will have priority over the other party's application.




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