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One-stop Business Consultancy Services

Professional. Efficient. Reliable

EntrePass / Employment Pass

First choice to immigrate whole family to Singapore

About Us 

PEF Consultancy incorporated since 2010 and provide Singapore company incorporation, bank account opening, bookkeeping, GST registration & submission, annual return filing (including XBRL filing). 

In addition, PEF also provide other business consultancy service such as trademark registration, employment pass, entrepass pass, tech pass application as well as other services eg. offshore company incorporation and accounts opening assistance. 

PEF has served companies, entrepreneurs and businessman from China, HK, Taiwan, Ireland, Vietnam, South Korea and Europe


​We devoted to  provide professional, efficient and reliable business consultancy services to our valued customers with affordable service fee. 

We pursue to grow and partner with our customer and their company together.

We committed a long-term and strong alliance relationship with our customer, by way of providing useful & professional advise from the prospective of customer,  to path the way for them and their company. 

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