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Annual Return Filing

An Annual Return is an electronic document that every company must file with ACRA each year to keep its basic information current. The return contains the following information:

  1. Company Name and Registration Number

  2. Principal activities

  3. Registered Office Address

  4. Details of company officers (directors, secretary)

  5. Shareholder details, share capital, etc.


The Annual Return must be signed either by a director of the company or a company secretary. The key points to keep in mind while filing an annual return are:

  1. A company must attach its audited financial statements when it submits an Annual Return with ACRA.

  2. The deadline for filing the Annual Return is 30 days from the date of the Annual General Meeting (AGM). In certain cases, a company can file its Annual Return without conducting its AGM.


Note: Small Companies are exempt from attaching their financial statements. Read more below to see the criteria ACRA uses to define a small company.

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